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New Facebook Group Helps Golfers Find Playing Partners and more.

There is a new group on Facebook that was started recently to help local golfers in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle connect with other golfers and leagues.

The group name is Dude, Where's My Par (DWMP) and is open to anyone that wants to join.

Official Facebook About: "The official Gulf Coast group Dude, Where's My Par covering Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Panhandle. Here members can coordinate to find partners, share courses they have played and DWMP can communicate with you all for upcoming events"

The group's admins are club professionals and have the best interest of golfers at heart. They have offered discounts to members of the group, held contests to win rounds of golf, promote leagues and so much more.

This is especially a great group to join if you are a golfer that does not have a regular group you play with and enjoy playing many of the golf courses the Gulf Coast offers. Say you want to head from New Orleans to go play golf at The Bridges Golf Club at Hollywood Casino, but have no one to join you, then just get on the group and ask if anyone is available.

Golfers need more connections like this and although some apps help you connect with friends, none really help you connect to make new golf friends. This is also a great way to be able to go and experience new golf courses. There are roughly 75+ golf courses from Southeast Louisiana to Pensacola and with members in the DWMP group being from all over the area, you are sure to make some good connections and perhaps get to play a course you have never played before.

AS with many groups there of course is an etiquette that you must follow. The group currently has 522 members of men and women of all backgrounds and ages. The admins stay on top of any inappropriate behavior and handle it accordingly to keep the group enjoyable for everyone. Go check it out and consider joining. You will make some new friends and have a bit of fun in the process.

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