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New Orleans Golf Course Status Update Following Hurricane Ida.

Hurricane Ida did a significant amount of damage to Southeast Louisiana. We can be grateful for family and extremely thankful to those that have come from other areas to help us get back on our feet.

Power outages and property damage can build plenty of stress and sometimes we need a break from it. Although golf is not an important factor right now, it is a good stress relief to get away from all the other things that we have been dealing with.

Over the past few days, we have tried to get a status updateof every golf course we have listed in our directory. Either througrestoredh social media or trying to directly contact each golf course, this is what we have so far.

Golf Course


What We Know

​Bayou Oaks at City Park


Power has been restored and debris has is still being assessed and cleared from the golf course.

Belle Terre Golf & Country Club


​Being in one of the worst hit areas, Belle Terre is still without power and has extensive tree damage leaving debris all across the golf course.

Carter Plantation Golf Resort


Closed until further notice while they clean debris from all around the golf course.

Covington Golf Club


We unfortunately do not have an news about Covington Country Club except that we heard they have power restored.

​Cypress Lakes at Ormond


Closed until further notice. Much tree debris on the course and they are still without power.

English Turn Golf & Country club

Open ?

English Turn has power restored and we believe they are open for play from word of mouth.

Grand Ridge Golf Club


The area is without power but we believe the club is on a generator and at least the club house is open due to a social media post on Sept 3rd. We are unsure about the golf course at this time.

Joeseph Bartholemew


We have not heard anything about this course from anyone but they do have power.

Lakewood Golf Club


Lakewood has power restored. They received some damage from the storm but we believe they are still closed to clean up debris and let their employees focus on their homes.

LaTour Golf Club


Closed until further notice. The last update we had from LaTour was that they had many trees down and a massive clean up to take care of.

Oak Harbor Golf Club


As far as we know they are the first golf courses to re-open. The clubhouse has power and the golf course faired pretty well.

Pinewood Golf Club


​Last we heard Pinewood planned to open this past Saturday once debris was removed from the golf course. We have no reason to believe they did not get that done.

Riverlands Golf & Country Club


Another golf course in one of the worst hit areas. The course is still without power but we do not know the extent of damage the course or club house has recieved., but we heard it was extensive.

Royal Golf Club of Slidell


We understand Royal has power and has cleared any debris and re-opened as of Monday.

Stonebridge Golf Club of New Orleans


Closed until further notice. They are still without power but it is unknown the extent of damage they have on the golf course.

The Golf Club at Audubon Park


We know the club has power restored but we were unable to reach the club for a status update.

Timberlane Golf & Recreation


Currently still without power. We know they had a great deal of tree debris around the golf course as well. The last update we got was they will be closed until further notice.

TPC of Louisiana


Closed until further notice. TPC is without power, assesing damage and in the process of cleaning up debris.

As we get more information we will update the table aboveThe last. Be sure and follow our social media channels as well. We follow every golf course and if they post an update we will share it.

Additionally, we are raising money through our new Hurricane Ida Golf Relief T-Shirt design for these golf courses so they can replant trees and shrubbery lost from Hurricane Ida. Our ideal goal would be to raise $500 for each golf course but whatever we raise we will split evenly for all the golf courses in the area. We will also take donations to our PayPal as well

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