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Possibly The Best Shampoo For Golfers?

Lately, with the weather limiting me from getting out to review a golf course or do some video tips, it has been hard to come up with some topics to talk about. After getting out and playing golf yesterday at Bayou Oaks South Course and barely beating the rain it hit me when I felt my hair.

When I say possibly the best shampoo for golfers I am not exaggerating. Possibly the best for athletes period. As golfers, we know that our hair gets beat up when we play golf. Whether it's from wearing a hat, sweating, the humidity, the sun, or getting caught in the rain we put our hair through some tough conditions. Most of the time when we finish a round of golf our hair feels dirty and damaged.

How would you like the feeling of playing golf all day and having your hair still feel soft and mostly clean at the end of the round?

This shampoo and conditioner by Hempworx have done that for me. I first found this shampoo when I first got into taking CBD Oil. This same company makes many great products infused with hemp from coffee, to body lotion, and bath bombs. I have tried many different products and the shampoo and conditioner is one I will continue to use. The best thing about it is you do not have to use it daily.

I started using the shampoo and conditioner about 4 months ago. Not only has my hair never felt healthier but my hairstylist has noticed the difference as well. Also, the bottles are very large and last a very long time. I still have about half of the product left and that's with pouring some out for the family to try. Unlike many other products, a little actually does go a long way. The conditioner especially. You only need to use the same amount as you do the shampoo which is not the case with many other products out there.

It was the first time after playing golf I truly noticed the difference. After sweating all day on a golf course and the wind blowing I felt extremely dirty after the round. My hair, however, after it dried out some, felt like I was indoors all day. My hair was still soft and felt clean. Not 100% clean like I just got out of a shower but it did not feel like I was just sweating for 4 hours on a golf course.

When you first see the price at $49 for each shampoo and conditioner you think it is very expensive but in reality, as long as it lasts it is not. The last product I used which was a 2 in 1 product lasted about 45 days and was $34 ($0.75 a day). Considering this looks like it will last me 6-months that comes out to around $16 a month ($0.57 a day) which is definitely a difference.

I highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner for every golfer and anyone that just wants their hair to feel healthier. If you decide to order please make sure when it asks to put in my name KyleHrubes without a space between first and last name.

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