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Product Review: Daphne Headcover

I just got a new headcover in today. I was a bit skeptical about ordering one online that I have never seen in person before or from a brand I was not familiar with but I was very pleased when it arrived today.

I ordered a Daphne Smurf Driver Headcover from Worldwide Golf Shops. This headcover not only looks good but it also seems to be a quality product. It feels very much like a plush stuffed animal. Very soft and fluffy. There is a long sock on the bottom of the headcover as well that will protect the shaft. Many of the headcovers I looked at did not have that or you could not tell by the photos online. For example, I wanted the Daphne Sea Driver Headcover which is a Great White shark but all it shows is the shark and it gives you no idea where the club goes or in what direction it sits on the club.

I very much liked my Saints Mascot Mambo headcover, however, it was just time for something new and fun. Mambo was getting spots all over it that would not wash out and his eyes were starting to fade. I am expecting my Geico Lizard headcover on my 3-wood to start doing the same thing and will be looking to replace it with something soon. I may consider the Flinstones headcover from Creative Covers.

If you are looking to add a splash of fun with a stylish headcover I recommend searching Daphne Headcovers at Worldwide Golf Shops. The smurf may be sold out at the moment but you are sure to find something you like. They also have many other headcovers from other brands. Maybe you would prefer an NCAA Mascot Sock-Style Headcover or an NFL Individual Driver Headcover.

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