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Product Review: Desert Fox Phone Caddy

A few weeks ago I purchased the Desert Fox Phone Caddy as I wanted a more convenient way to keep my phone with me while playing golf. Since I started walking more and my phone does not fit in the cart storage box I wanted a way I could easily strap it to my carry or bag to have my phone more accessible than keeping it in a pocket of my golf bag.

If you are like me and use an app, such as The Grint, to track your scores, stats, and handicap you want your phone easy to access. Keeping it in your golf bag or in the compartment on the golf cart is not that convenient. This is especially the case if you use any app for GPS and use it for almost every shot.

The Desert Fox Phone Caddy is lightweight and small enough to keep in your golf bag when not being used. It has a velcro strap that makes it easy to strap to the golf cart and has two knobs that make it adjustable for nearly any size phone. This could make for a great gift for any golfer.

Although I think the price of $24.99 may be a tad bit high for a product like this It is well made and one of the best phone caddies for golf. Check out the video of this review below to see for yourself.


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