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Product Review: Putter Head Cover

This review was supposed to be last week but for reasons, due to weather, the shipment was two days late. The plan was to have it in before the 4th of July weekend not only to write this blog post but to put it into action on a golf course. The other issue with that has been of course the weather.

Besides needing a new putter headcover I wanted one that was not just a typical club manufacturer one. Don't get me wrong, I loved the one that came with my TaylorMade Daytona Rosa Putter but just like with my driver and 3-wood headcovers that have a Saints mascot and the Geico Lizard I like to change things up and be different. I searched a few different places and different styles but nothing seemed to catch my eye. Either they were all plain, too expensive, or just plain over the top with the design.

It was while searching on Worldwide Golf Shops website I came across all the different USA apparel and products. With the 4th of July weekend coming up and feeling patriotic I decided on the USA putter headcover by Originals. This headcover features the USA wording with an American flag on top, has an eagle on one side, and another USA on the other side with stars all over it. It is made of quality leather and has 4 magnets inside the heel to hold the headcover snuggly on the putter. This is a limited-edition design by Originals whose motto is, "Be Inspired. Be Lucky. Be Original."

I would definitely recommend this USA edition headcover. Whether you just need a new headcover or just want a change you will like the quality of this headcover. If you want something different but with the same equality, Worldwide Golf Shops has 53 different headcovers available from Originals as well as many other headcovers from other brands to choose from. I am currently seeking two replacements for my driver and 3-wood.

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