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Product Review: Reflo Lincoln Cap

I first found out about Reflo at the 2023 PGA Show. I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind the brand and they were some of the nicest people I met all week. Reflo is a clothing brand based in the United Kingdom, making all its apparel from recycled materials. A concept that still amazes me today.

Clothing made from recycled materials always used to feel stiff, itchy, and would get worn out fast. Those times have changed. Reflo caught my attention as everything with their bold colors and patterns. Looking at and feeling the high quality of the clothing I was shocked to learn it came from recycled materials like plastic water bottles. The hat is no different.

First I have to thank the team at Reflo for giving me the hat. I greatly appreciate the generosity. The hat they gave me was the Reflo White/Grey Lincoln Cap. I wanted to wear it before yesterday, however, I wanted to wait to see how it felt the next time I played golf. I was very pleased the entire day with it on.

The hat has a mildly elastic liner giving it some stretch and has an adjustable snap back so it should fit most people. Although I am not sure what you actually call the material the hat is made of it was very comfortable. With yesterday's temperatures being in the mid-seventies but with a cool breeze the hat remained breathable without letting the breeze cut through. When it got warmer the hat kept my head cool as well. Time will tell how it holds up in the New Orleans summer but I really like it.

During the golf swing, it was like all good quality hats. It stayed in place, didn't twist, and did not affect having my sunglasses on. Many hats fit funny and you have to either put your sunglasses arms over the hat or just under it for comfort. This fit right above my ears leaving room for my sunglasses to slide right under it. Neither one was in the way of the other. The hat even has a very stylish raised logo embroidered on the front, a logo on the side, and on the back, the Reflo name is just above the snap but added in a different way than other hats.

I would highly recommend this brand. I may have to try some of the shirts, pants, and socks they make as well. Just remember if you decide to order one on their website, make sure the currency top right is in USD. While browsing their site earlier to check the prices I was shocked at first until I realized I was on the wrong currency. Once I changed that I saw the USD price and all their pricing is comparable to other brands. Be sure and check Reflo out for yourself.

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