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Product Review: Tifosi Track Sunglasses

A few weeks ago I did a video (below) when I first got my new pair of Track sunglasses from Tifosi Optics. The video was just a quick look at when I received them but mentioned I would do an updated review after playing a round of golf wearing them.

I wore them during the Golf Nola review of English Turn Golf and Country Club last week. I was very pleased. Just as I have been with every pair of Tifosi sunglasses I have ever tried. One of the best things I love about Tifosi sunglasses is their high quality and low prices. Every pair they sell, with the exception of their Rx glasses, are under $100. I like to say they are high-end sunglasses without the high-end price.

Now, to be honest, nothing compares to the Golf Enliven Lens that Tifosi has created for golf but these Track pair are still very good. I only paid $30 plus tax for my pair. They are great for golf as the bottom half of the lenses are frameless. This limits any visual obstruction when looking down at the golf ball. This may not be a big deal to some golfers but once you wear sunglasses like this it is very difficult to go back to full-frame sunglasses while playing golf.

The Track sunglasses have some awesome features that make them a great choice for golfers. To save you reading time instead of writing a paragraph about each feature here is a bullet point of each.

  • Great Price - $25 - $30 depending on frame color and lens color option.

  • Great Style - A up to date style that can be worn for more than golf.

  • Non-Slip Arms - There are small rubber grips on the arms to keep the glasses in place on your ears during your golf swing.

  • Glare Gaurd - This is a coating on the lenses to reduce glare.

  • Sun / UV Protection - Polycarbonate lens with 100% UVA/UBA protection from UV rays.

  • Frame - Lightweight and durable frame made of nylon material.

Here is a video short showing the Track Sunglasses being worn.

I highly recommend that anyone looking for great quality sunglasses at great prices give Tifosi Optics a try. Whether you want a pair for golf or just life there are plenty of options to choose from.

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