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Ranking New Orleans Area Golf Courses

Ranking the New Orleans area golf courses is something we have been asked about very often. After receiving an email asking "What are the top-ranked courses to play for a group of 8 coming to town", we decided it is time to do a ranking.

When it comes to ranking golf courses there are many criteria to include. They range from the design/layout, conditions, amenities, service, and price. Today we are going to rank the top 3 golf courses in 3 categories. Each category has its own criteria and we are using golf courses from our directory that includes courses within a 1-hour drive of downtown New Orleans.

  • Best Overall - These golf courses are ranked on their overall criteria of layout/design, conditions, practice facilities, service, and amenities.

  • Best Design/Layout - These golf courses are ranked solely on the design/layout of the golf course. Golf courses whose layout and design are fun, challenging, and playable to all skill levels.

  • Best Value - These golf courses are ranked by having the best overall value featuring good playable conditions at a great rate. This does not mean the cheapest golf courses.


  1. TPC Louisiana - TPC is ranked #1 overall mainly due to its service, amenities, and consistent conditions. The design/layout is good but they do have the best overall and consistent conditions with one of the best practice facilities in the area. Also, they are consistent in their services which include a beverage cart daily, restaurant hours and full menu, and outside services (bag drop, cart staff). You know what to expect every time you visit TPC and it doesn't hurt that you can play where the pros play.

  2. English Turn G&CC - English Turn comes is a very close #2 when it comes to overall golf courses. They have great amenities in a full clubhouse with a bar and grill, and a great design/layout that features a great practice facility. The conditions at English Turn have also been very consistent, especially lately. The only reason they are not #1 is the inconsistency of a beverage cart and turn house.

  3. Carter Plantation Resort - Carter Plantation is another golf course that has a great design/layout, great practice facilities, and consistent conditions. Carter also has a unique clubhouse layout that offers a full restaurant and is the only property in the area that has accommodations onsite.


  1. English Turn G&CC - One of the very few golf courses in the area that does not have homes on the golf course. Although the golf course is built in a subdivision the entire golf course is surrounded by water. The golf course has a great mix of holes that vary in length with a good mix of risk-reward including an island green. The greens themselves are relatively small which makes the golf course challenging yet also fun.

  2. Carter Plantation - Another golf course with a good mix of holes from layout to challenge. There is even a mix of elevation changes throughout the golf course that leaves golfers with a wide selection of shots that can be played. Although the golf course is playable for all skill levels it can challenge the best golfers. So much so the course has hosted PGA Tour qualifying for the Zurich Classic.

  3. Oak Harbor - With a more links-style design Oak Harbor can be a good challenge for every golfer. Especially when the wind is blowing. This is another design/layout that features a good mix of holes that vary in length and challenge. There are plenty of strategically placed bunkers throughout the golf course as well as plenty of water to navigate around or over. The golf course also has a good mix of green complexes that require a good short game and putting.


  1. Joe Bartholomew Municipal - The only municipal golf course in the greater New Orleans area features consistent playing conditions, which are usually good, putting them #1 on the best value. With a rate of around $35-$40 on average it is hard to beat a golf course that has good playing conditions at that price.

  2. Grand Ridge Golf Club - Mainly due to the good conditions of the greens and playable conditions throughout the golf course Grand Ridge has one of the best values. The golf course has a unique Southern Louisiana feel with an abundance of Cypress Trees and alligators all while featuring an average rate of around $45.

  3. Riverlands G&CC - Although the design/layout is relatively bland the conditions have been pretty consistent at Riverlands for several years. The conditions are always very playable. The greens are usually the most consistent and were considered the best in the area at one time. The greens are still pretty decent and at a rate of $40-$50 or sometimes as low as $25 via Tee Off makes it a good golf value.

We will do another ranking soon based on the best staff, best food, and best pro shop selection. In the future, we will also rank every golf course listed in our course directory based on the same criteria we used for the best overall golf courses.

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