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Review: Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes

For the majority of my life, I have worn Adidas tennis shoes and always liked the brand. However, even though Adidas announced their first golf shoes in 1997 I still wore Footjoy for the majority of my golfing career until around 2009.

There are many factors that most golfers do not consider when selecting which golf shoes to buy. The main reason I tried other brands and stopped wearing Footjoy was due to support and stability. Yes, the technology in shoes has changed but the main reason I switched was that my feet would roll toward the outside of each shoe during weight transfer in my golf swing. Adidas was the first pair of golf shoes I tried that limited that and also had better ankle support.

Adidas has improved their golf shoes each time they come out with a new model. The Adidas ZG21 is no different. This golf shoe is not only comfortable with great arch support and ankle support but has even greater stability. This is actually the first golf shoe that gives me a feeling of keeping the weight towards the inside of my foot or more underneath my feet during my golf swing. It is an added bonus how stylish they are.

The spike pattern on the bottom also gives great traction. I've played two rounds of golf so far on two very different turf conditions. One course is very well maintained and the other has more of a sandy surface than grass. The Adidas ZG21golf shoes stayed stable during my swing on both courses.

An added addition to these golf shoes is that they came with two different sets of laces. One was traditional white while the other is a blue lace that matches the shoes. As you can see from the photos above I opted to go with the blue laces for now.

One of the best things I have also loved about Adidas golf shoes, they last a long time. I bought my last pair in early 2020 but they are still in great condition. Depending on how much I play and the conditions I play in some of my golf shoes have lasted 4 to 5 years.

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