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Review: My Custom Golf Bag Global

My search for a golf bag began shortly after I started Golf NOLA. I wanted a tour staff bag that stood out and can have my logo embroidered on it. All the searches I did came back with only certain style bags, certain color bags, and limited logo placement. I was looking for something more than a generic staff bag like you can get from TaylorMade Golf. Don't get me wrong the staff bags from TaylorMade Golf and other places are nice bags but you are limited to what they sell and then you have to find your own place to get the embroidery done. Then it is limited on where you can put your logo due to the bag already being logoed from the manufacturer.

After months of coming up empty for what I was looking for, as luck would have it I finally found someone who did everything I wanted. They are My Custom Golf Bag Global. Not only do they have many styles to choose from but I got to decide every color on the bag and every logo placement.

The process started around March 18th, 2021 with my first contact with Errol. The entire process was simple. We discussed what type of bag I wanted and explained I wanted colors to match the Golf NOLA logo. After a few days, tI was sent a mock-up of two bags with different colors. From that point, all I had to do is approve the one I fell in love with or make changes that were not necessary. At this point in the process I loved the bag so much I wanted it the next day. I have never been so excited about getting a new golf bag in my entire life.

Once the design and logo placements are approved it takes about 30 days to build the bag. As I understand their process they build the bag is built from scratch. The colors are dyed into the leather, then stitched together and the bag takes its form around the base and structure elements. This makes this truly a one-of-a-kind golf bag built specifically to what I wanted.

After the bag was constructed I got pictures of the finished product for final approval before shipping. Shipping is the only minor drawback as it can take up to an additional 30 days to receive the bag depending on where you live in the world but it is well worth the wait. I finally received my bag on Monday, May 24th although according to UPS tracking the bag was in New Orleans for 4 days prior to it arriving. Not sure why that is.

The entire process took 3-months from starting the process to my bag arriving. After 3-months of excitement and finally receiving my bag, there was only one thing to do. Well, two things actually. First I had to transfer everything from my now "older" golf bag to the new one. After that is was time to go play golf and see how the bag is during a round of golf and how it handled the elements and the golf cart.

I have to say I love everything about it. Plenty of pockets for towels, tees, balls, and more. The playability, if you will, is fabulous. Clubs easily slide in and out of the 5-way pocket divider and with plenty of room. Every pocket is easily accessible even when you put the bag on the cart with the name out. The cart was another great surprise. The bag fits very well on the golf cart, well at least at Carter Plantation it did. I do not expect it to be so easy everywhere as carts really are not meant for tour bags.

The only thing I did not pay attention to and is a very minor disappointment is the umbrella holder. I should have paid attention and asked that it be pocketed. Without a pocket, it is in front of one of the logos on the bag. Like I said a minor thing but the way the umbrella is so easily accessible may be a good thing. Especially here in the New Orleans area where rain can sneak up on you at any moment.

To conclude, I highly recommend My Custom Golf Bag Global if you want a truly custom golf bag for yourself, your business, or even one of your children. They do junior bags as well. The pricing starts at $589 depending on the bag you choose and how many log placements you want. An average tour staff bag from any other company that you cant customize is usually around $600. This is a far better investment for yourself.

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