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Review of Taylor Made Golf Shoe Bag

First we want to take this opportunity to announce, that as of Monday 9/28/20, Golf NOLA now has an official Affiliate agreement with TaylorMade Golf.

A few months ago I purchased a shoe bag from TaylorMade Golf for my new Adidas Golf Shoes as a place to keep them instead of just loose in the back of my Explorer. I was quite surprised at the quality of the bag given the cheap price of $29.99. Most shoe bags of this quality are easily $50+.

Golf shoes fit perfect either on their side tops facing each other or bottoms (spikes) down side by side. Plenty of room for extras you may want with you shoes. There are no side pockets, but there is enough room for a box of back up spikes and extra pair of socks or maybe even just a shoe horn.

The TaylorMade Shoe Bag has a nice carry handle and a quality stitching logo on it. Best part of the logo is it is small and has a classy look without being intrusive. I am not sure of the actual material the bag is made from, but it holds up well to getting wet as I found out on accident after dropping it in a puddle after playing in the rain. The quality of the zipper is amazing as well. Out of all the use sometimes bags will get a bit of fray from the stitching around the zipper and cause it to have issues sliding. As much as I have used it so far there has not been one single issue with the zipper. The zipper is also doubled so you can zip any way you want. I personally like the zippers to meet in the middle on the top.

Another great feature is the ventilation side ports. They really keep your shoes aired out and from getting a must smell.

I highly recommend this TaylorMade Golf Shoe Bag to anyone that could use one. I know there are many other shoe bags on the market and some may be great, but there is an added benefit to buying this shoe bag and direct from TayloMade Golf. When you purchase something form TaylorMade Golf you can sign up for TaylorMade Golf Loyalty Rewards Program and anytime you purchase a product from them you get points that can be redeemed for products later. It is a great way to get the golf products you need and when you need more in the future they are nearly free due to the points earned.

Check out other Taylor Made Golf Accessories that can go along with your new shoe bag.

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