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Review: Stretch Zone Metairie

A few weeks ago while on social media I came across an ad about increasing flexibility through assisted stretching. I was curious so I followed the link to Stretch Zone, a Practioner Assisted Stretching facility.

I have always known stretching with assistance is better than stretching by yourself. Alone you may hold back or alter your body position which in a sense is cheating and not getting the full stretch. Golfers need stretching to play better, play longer, and limit possible injury. Getting the body stretched out creates better rotation and range of motion in the golf swing without putting unneeded stress on the body. This is especially the case when it comes to a golfer's lower back.

After reading through the Stretch Zone website I signed up for a FREE consultation. There are three locations in the greater New Orleans area, Metairie, Uptown, and Mandeville. I signed up for my consultation at the one in Metairie and went this past Tuesday. The location is conveniently located on Metairie Road in Old Metairie Village Shopping Center.

Once I arrived for my scheduled appointment I was greeted immediately by a very friendly and enthusiastic staff. It is not a large facility but it is very clean, well lit, and designed for practicality. For the consultation, you are asked questions about medical history like any surgeries, what your flexibility goals are, and more so they have an idea of how to professionally treat you. Once that is done you will lay down on a table to get started. The first thing done is to measure where your flexibility is to start. For example, my hamstring stretched only to 60° from my hips while laying on my back. My goal would be to get to 90 ° or more. Once the measurements are taken the fun begins. Based on your goals and medical history they begin to stretch you in various ways to give you a feel of what a normal session would be like. The best part of all of this is they have straps on the table to use so your body can not move and cheat during the stretch.

The entire time you are monitored for any pain or if a stretch is too much to handle. If you tell them it's too much they will back off. The person I worked with was very professional and caring. Knowing when to push me to a limit and when not to. I enjoyed this so much and felt so good afterward I went ahead and booked another session. I think the pricing is very good and there are different options for different budgets. You can do weekly plans with specific goals in mind or just purchase a set amount of sessions to work this in around your schedule.

This will become a routine for me at least once a month that will be in addition to my golf-specific fitness using my GolfFOREVER training aid (FREE shipping with code: GOLFNOLA), my weekly chiropractor visit at Upper Cervical Family Chiropratic, and weekly massage at Lakeview Massage Therapy. The more you take care of your body can lead to better golf, faster recovery after golf, and play longer through life.

Whether you are a serious golfer or only play occasionally you should seriously consider giving your game an upgrade and give Stretch Zone a try. Even if you do not play golf and want to increase your flexibility give this a try. I am not sure how long the FREE consultation will last so right now you have nothing to lose to try it.


**Disclaimer - Golf Nola or any of its affiliates, partners, or employees have no affiliation with Stretch Zone. This is for informational purposes only and is based on the experience of Kyle Hrubes. Neither Kyle or Golf Nola were paid for this review**

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