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Product Review: The One Glove

The One Glove is a product brought to my attention while attending the PGA Show in late January. However, I did not physically see the product until it was recently sent to me to do a review. I got out over the weekend to test out the new glove and here is what I thought.

I first tested the glove on the driving range at Chateau Golf and Country Club. You can see me using the One Glove and my initial thoughts in the video below. After that, I did try the glove on the golf course, but I'll get to that in a bit.

The One Glove is a new type of glove for golfers that fits on one finger. It is water and sweat-resistant with a design for a more natural feel while playing golf. The material is a revolutionary suede that is designed to be softer, stronger, and last longer than a traditional golf glove. The glove also comes in multiple colors, including a beautiful blue.

Upon taking it out of the packaging I did like that it comes with a cardboard cutout of a hand keeping the glove in its form. Something I can see being used between rounds of golf instead of bunched up in the pocket of a golf bag. It also includes instructions on how to use and wear the glove. Not that wearing any type of glove is complicated, but it was nice to have, especially for a first-time user of the One Glove.

One of the first things I noticed was the suede material the glove is made out of. It is very soft and something you really do not see in a golf glove. Although the glove only fits over one finger there is enough coverage over the palm that makes the material very comfortable on the hand.

When putting the glove on the one thing I did not like was the velcro strap. It is long and you have to wrap it twice around your wrist then again to the back of the hand to hold it in place. Perhaps in the future, they could come up with a better closure that allows something closer more similar to a traditional golf glove.

The way the glove is strapped also presents a challenge for golfers, who like me, like to take their glove off between shots. Although it is easier to pull the glove off of one finger than it is all your fingers it is not taking the glove off that is the issue. It is every time you would have to put it back on. It is easy enough to get it back on your hand but the strap takes an extra step or two to put the glove back on each time. Each time I took it off I had to loosen the strap to get my hand out. That also meant each time I put it back on I had to tighten the strap and then wrap the strap around my wrist and hand. This would not be an issue for the many golfers who like to keep a glove on at all times.

When I was hitting shots with the One Glove I did like how it felt when gripping the golf club. I never felt a need to adjust my grip. I don't adjust my grip often but this glove felt like the club laid in my hands the exact same each time. Kind of like that glove that has the markings on it or the grips with the form in the back that help you regrip the golf club properly each time. This is a nice feeling that would especially be beneficial for new golfers or those who struggle with the proper grip.

The were only two other things I did not like. One is the extra material around the finger felt bulky. It is there to provide comfort to the other fingers that do not slide into the glove. Although I understand the function of it It felt like too much material was there. Once I gripped the club I didn't feel it much but I could tell it was there and it felt strange. I really felt it during the swing, however, as if it was moving. Perhaps if I used the glove more often I would get used to it and not notice it. Two was the fact that my thumb was exposed. The way I grip the golf club is somewhat loose in my hands but I grip the club stronger on the downswing. This causes my right hand to put more pressure on my right thumb and if I get and wear on a glove it is on the thumb. I didn't like the feeling of my thumb rubbing on my grip and felt had I taken more swings with the One Glove I would have rubbed a callus onto my thumb.

I can see many golfers really liking the One Glove, however, it is just not for me. As with so many things, golfers are particular about what we use and how we use them. I really like the concept of the glove and the material. I could see this as a glove that would be great for those who like to keep a glove on at all times as it would promote a better feel on short game shots and putting. The main reason this glove is not for me is that I take mine off after every shot and the strap is just a tad bit time-consuming. If there was a better strap that only wrapped around the wrist like a traditional golf glove I would consider using the glove. I can always add a tape pad to protect my thumb.

If you watch the video below I mention doing another review of the One Glove with a friend, Maurice Hurst, who I think would love this glove. Many of you have seen him with me in other videos and as a former NFL athlete, I think he would be a great person to provide a different opinion from a different perspective. I will also try and get an opinion from another professional golfer I know who may like this glove as well. Just because it is not for me doesn't mean it is not a good product so I want to be fair to the company and get honest feedback from others that are not as picky as I am.

Use the button below to check out The One Glove For Yourself.

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I watched your video. I am a hall-of-fame player from 2 state, a national and international champion and have played golf since I was 6. When I was first introduced to the glove I, like you, was more than a little skeptical. It felt different. In this case, different turned out to be a good thing. I am not a fan of wearing the traditional glove, only because there were no other choices. I too was liking the natural feel the glove gave me, but was still not convinced it was for me. Then I played 3 consecutive days with it and have never warn a traditional glove since. As a matter of fact, the third day after I…

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