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Review: TaylorMade Golf Stratus Tech Glove

Ok, this may be my new favorite glove for summer. Here's why.

I took a trip down to Orlando last week to get away and play some golf as a birthday treat to myself. Having only received this new glove at the end of September and the weather not being that great I had no reason to try the new glove until last week. Let me tell you I pick a great week to put this glove in play and give it a true stern test.

The days of golf and conditions were as followed:

Day 1 - 18-holes (warm, overcast, very humid, and sweating)

Day 2 - 18-holes (hot, humid, and breezy)

Day 3 - 18-holes (warm, rainy, windy, cool during rain)

Day 4 - 18-holes (warm, humid, sweating, still air)

Day 5 - 27-holes (warm, sunny, humid, sweating, windy)

As you can see I played in almost every condition except snow. It turned out to be a great week to put the TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove to the test.

On day one the glove did feel a bit stiff, like a new pair of shoes that need some breaking in. Unable to do this on the driving range that day I let it break in as I played. By about the 3rd hole I could feel it loosening up and forming to my hand. The grip even in humid conditions held great. Sometimes a new glove will feel a bit slippery when first using it straight out of the package. Almost as if it had powder on it and takes some time to get a bit tacky. This glove was tacky right away with no slipping.

I did take a chance on the fit as I had never worn this particular glove but having a preference for TaylorMade gloves I figured it would be the same size. Not only are the sizing between gloves pretty close, but this particular glove actually fits better. It is snugger, without extra on the fingertips.

I will continue to play this glove for a long time and highly recommend it.

There are also two other great benefits to buying this glove.

1. The price. It is $11.99 for one glove, but TaylorMade Golf also has this glove in a 2-pack for $21.99.

2. Is earning rewards points toward future purchases with TaylorMade Golf Loyalty Rewards Program. This is actually the way I ordered the glove. I used Loyalty Rewards points for the glove and a pack of tees.

Speaking of tees, I also highly recommend the TaylorMade Logoed 100pack of tees for $9.99. Honestly, there is not much to say about a tee. However, I recommend these tees for one main reason. They held up against iron shots on par 3's. Out of all the par 3-holes, I played last week (22 total), only 7 tees broke when hitting an iron off them. To me, that was quite impressive how sturdy they are. Of course, it is very possible I may have been swinging a certain way that the club did not make contact with the tee, but the prior tees I was using broke on almost every shot regardless of the club I was hitting. They even feel like a heavier more quality piece of wood than previous tees I was using. All in all a good bang for your buck.

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