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Review: Tifosi Optics Veloce Sunglasses With Golf Enliven Lens

I have been a fan and supporter of Tifosi Optics Sunglasses for a long time. I always thought they made the best golf sunglasses and always had the best prices. Every pair is just as good as the big names, if not better, and every pair is under $100. That is a great combination.

Tifosi has come out with a game-changer in their improved lenses built specifically for golf. Their Enliven™ Golf Lenses make the golf course become more alive with vibrant colors. I even noticed a difference in my depth perception and the ability to see contours better. Those enhancements make a huge difference when reading greens or for those short game shots under 100 yards.

I previously used the Tifosi Intense Sunglasses which are great in their own right, especially at $25. When Tifosi came out with the new golf-specific lenses I decided to upgrade to the Veloce Gloss Black With Enliven™ Golf Lens. The Veloce has a slightly better fit and comes with a hard case as well as a soft case that doubles as a cleaning cloth. You can feel the quality while wearing them. They are light on your face, flexible, and durable. The lenses also come with vent holes along the edges that keep the lenses from fogging up.

I absolutely love my new golf sunglasses and highly recommend them to everyone. The only minor drawback, and it is only in regards to the lenses, is on overcast days they can make everything seem much darker. You can still see through them and all the colors still pop but you may consider it too dark to keep them on.

If you are looking for some customization you can try the Tifosi Custom option and get the Velco style with Enliven™ Golf Lens and customize the frame and earpiece color options you want.

Be sure and get yours as soon as you can. Due to the popularity of the Enliven™ Golf Lens, there may be out of stock soon. However, you can not go wrong with any pair of sunglasses you get from Tifosi Optics. They have styles for every day life, like the Dolomite 2.0 (pictured below) I use when not on the golf course, as well as styles for running, tennis, fishing, and more.

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