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Revised Book: Manage Your Golf Game

Manage Your Golf Game is a book I wrote years ago to help golfers play better immediately using golf course management. After a bad review on Amazon, I learned there were many typos, sentence structure, and other issues in the book. This happened even by paying for a proofreader, editor, and for the structure of the book to be right.

Due to all the issues, I had basically given up on the book. In a sense demoralized and not wanting to deal with it. I would have totally given up on it too if it were not for a friend asking about it. With the advice of fixing the problems and in a way starting over, I figured I needed to give it a go again. Why not, what did I have to lose?

The thing is I know this book can help many golfers play better with their current swing. I also know this book is not for everyone but everyone can benefit from golf course management.

I went ahead and completely re-wrote the book. Many things are the same, some new information has been added, and I made sure all grammar was spot on. Additionally, I went ahead and changed the cover and even lowered the price. Manage Your Golf Game is now available for $14.99 in paperback and $4.99 in Kindle format. The decision to lower that price was solely based on helping golfers. My ultimate goal through this book, as it is with Golf NOLA, is to grow the game of golf and help golfers enjoy the game more.

Currently, the book is available from Barnes and Nobel in paperback and on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

I did my best to keep the book short and to the point. I purposely left out any types of illustrations to not get in the way of the information. Golf is hard enough as it is and lessons are expensive, at least for a good instructor. I wanted to give golfers a way to improve, have more fun, and save them time and money.

I sincerely hope that every golfer that reads this book not only improves their game but also enjoys the game more as a result.

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