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Short Game Tip: Multiple Golf Shots With One Club

This post is being republished. It is originally from March 2021. Golf Nola is re-sharing this because of the number of new subscribers that may not have seen this and also because we recently received a few emails specifically asking about this short game tip. Although we directed those emails to this blog and video, we thought there may be more golfers that would like to see it.

If there are any specific tips you would like to see from Golf Nola please email and we will do our best to fulfill your request.


Original Post Date: 3/17/2021

I went to Lakewood Golf Club to take advantage of their great short game practice facilities. Our goal was to get some well-needed practice and make a few short game tip videos. However, due to the wind making too much noise in my microphone I was unable to do a proper "lesson" style video. What I was able to get is a short walkthrough of how I play four different shots with one club, my 60º wedge. (Video at Bottom of the post)

The four shots I cover are as follows with keys to each.

Off the Toe Chip Shot:

I am not sure if there is a specific name for this type of shot but that is just what I call it. This is a low shot that flies about 25% or less and rolls the additional distance to your target. This shot can be played with any club depending on your distance to the hole.

  1. Take a narrow putting style stance slightly open to your target.

  2. Line the ball up of your back foot.

  3. Set the clubhead down with the ball on the toe standing.

  4. Stand close to the ball with the shaft of the club almost vertical. The heel of the club will be off the ground or appear to be depending on your lie angle.

  5. Keep your hands ahead of the ball.

  6. Take a putting stroke type of swing with no wrist hinge.

Basic Pitch Shot:

This is one of the most used shots around the green. It's a straightforward shot that is basically a mini version of your full swing. This shot flies about 75% of your distance and rolls the remainder to your target.

  1. Take a slightly narrow stance as compared to your full swing.

  2. The ball Position is center to just back of center.

  3. The club head is set behind the ball square to your target.

  4. Short swing with a small amount of wrist hinge and maintain that hinge through contact with your hands ahead of the ball.

Lob Shot:

The lob is a version between a basic pitch and a flop. It offers a higher ball flight than the pitch shot and can cause the golf ball to spin more stopping it faster. You can fly this shot about 80% to your target and get a little bit of roll.

  1. A narrower stance like your pitch shot.

  2. Take a slightly open stance compared to your target line.

  3. The ball should be in the middle to slightly forward in your stance. Open the face of the club slightly faced toward your target line.

  4. A slight wrist hinge maintaining the open face through impact allowing the wrist to break naturally after impact (club releases toward the sky a bit).

Flop Shot:

The harder of all of these shots. This is a much higher shot that you can fly 90%-100% of the distance depending on how much spin you get on the golf ball and the firmness of the greens. I do a flop shot different than how most would teach you but I think it is easier and it is nearly identical to playing a bunker shot. Where many would tell you to break your wrist quick in your backswing and flip your wrist through impact, I say use minimal wrist sliding the club under the ball more effortlessly. Regardless of how you swing there are keys to that stay common.

  1. Wider stance with 60% of your weight on your lead leg.

  2. Setup with the ball toward the front of your stance.

  3. Open the clubhead so the face is pointing toward the sky.

  4. Keep your hands even with or slightly behind the ball at setup and through impact.

  5. Common Backswing- early wrist hinge going back with a more upright swing, and fast wrist breakthrough impact holding the face open.

  6. My version- minimal wrist hinge taking the club away low to the ground and wide. Swing through holding the face angle open and low through impact. After impact, the club will naturally break your wrist with your finish going upward.

I will do an entire video segment on the flop shot and bunkers in the coming weeks when I get a better microphone that the wind will not interfere with. In the meantime, I hope these quick tips of playing four different shots with one club help you.

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