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Stretch Rope For Flexibility

One of the most recent and best investment i have ever made was to get this stretch rope.

Having been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis some years ago I have found it harder to keep my flexibility on a dilay basis constintly feeling the need for a good stretch. That felling is especially tough when going to play golf.

It is not always easy to get a proper stretch by yourself. Sometimes you need a to see physical therapist or a chiropractor to get the muscles and joints properly stretched. Well when I found this stretch rope it makes stretching by yourself that much easier.

Now this particular Stretch Rope I found on Amazon appears to no longer be availble, but I did a search to find some similar for you to save you the time. This particular Stretch Rope I have is from Go Fit and not even their own website has it so it may be a discontinued item or just so great it is out of stock.

It really is a shame that this particular Stretch Rope is not available at the moment. I use it first thing every day to loosen the body up for daily activities. The other great thing is it easily fits in your golf bag to take with you to the course to stretch before your round.

Stretching before golf is a huge benefit to not only playing better golf, but to also reducing risk of injury or pain. When you have an aid like this with you then you no longer need to use your clubs to stretch and you can get a better stretch as the rope creates some resistence to keep your body still while pulling a certain direction to stretch a particular part of the body.

Check out these images of from the instruction book that came with my stretch rope. This will give you an idea of what can be accomplished and what to look for in a stretch rope of a different brand.

As you can see there are many benefits to using a rope with handles that will help you stretch. Increase you range of motion and feel better overall. Whether you only use one for golf or if you use it daily it can be a game changer both in life and in golf.

Since this particular one is not currently available, as I said I went ahead and searched for you some of what I think are very similar if not maybe better than the one I currently use.

The first one I found, which I may actually order just to try out, seems to be nearly exact, but made out of a different material. This one is from CTRL Sports and comes in multiple colors. Depending on your options it comes witha travel bag and reanges in price between $14.95 and $16.95

This other one I found seems a bit more specific to yoga, but what I like about it is the multiple loops for different heights that appears to make it super adjustable. It also seems that it may be a bit rubbery and more for physical therapy, but go check out the Onory Yoga Strap and see for yourself. Pricing ranges form $9.99 - $12.99

Two other honerable mentions are the Crawford-Lehigh CZB3 Stretch Rope as it is very similar to the one I have as shown in the images, but seems to only be available in 3ft length. For someone my height at 6ft 2in that may be a tad bit short for some proper stretches. The other honerable mention is very similar to the Yoga strap mentioned above, but is also around $20 and seems like more of a stretchy materail even though it is named EverStretch Non-Elastic Stretching Strap with Loops.

I hope this helps you understand the importance of having a piece of equipment like this and how it can really be of great benefit for your golf game. Do yourself a favor however. No matter which one if any of these that you choose make sure it can easily ift in your golf bag.

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