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Thinking Of A Golf Trip? These Tips May Help.

Golf trips are always a fun way to vacation. Whether it's just you and a spouse or a guys trip of 10, there are different ways to plan a golf trip. These tips work regardless of your destination but in some locations, there may be a language barrier which practically leaves one way to plan your trip.

When we say take a golf trip we mean golf is the main reason you are going. That makes your destination the first thing to decide. Once you have a destination in mind you can start planning. There are two main ways to plan your golf trip. You can either use a booking service or do it yourself. If your destination is in another country where you do not speak that language It is advised to use a golf travel agent to handle everything. Either way, you decide here are some tips to help you out.

If you go with a booking service try and pay for as much as you can through them. This way you do not have to worry about paying green fees and hotel fees separately when you arrive. For some, they preferred paying separately but when everything goes through the booking service it usually means they will get the best rates for everything. Plus the more you ask for and pay for through them could possibly mean an even lower rate from them. Ask if they can get things for after golf like a restaurant reservation, tickets to a show, or anything else you may want to do while you are at your preferred destination.

If you decide to go the route of "do it yourself" you can book your golf courses and hotel separately. Use a company like to find the best hotel rates or your preferred hotel if you are a rewards member of one. Once you decide how you book your hotel I suggest calling that hotel and asking if they have any partnerships with any of the golf courses you would like to play. Many hotels have some type of relationship with golf courses even if they do not advertise it. They may be able to get you a special rate, even if it is just lunch with a green fee, and book the tee times for you. Don't forget to ask them about other local attractions, restaurant tips, or anything else that may interest you during your visit.

The other way is to book each individual golf course. Be sure when booking to ask about a group rate, course conditions, or even if they will include a lunch in the rate. Ask about replay rates for the same day or multi-day rates if you played the golf course more than once. Also, ask about other area course recommendations. Even if you already know what courses you want to play you should still ask about recommendations. This will give you a good idea of what courses the local pros like to play and it may give a hint as to what kind of conditions the course may be in.

The key is to ask as many questions as you can about all the things you want to accomplish. Many times instead of trying to cover everything yourself and getting the "tourist' rate, simple questions to the hotel or golf course staff can possibly help you save money or enhance your experience and your golf trip.

For an example of what a 3-day trip can look like if you ask the right questions here is what a 3-day golf trip to New Orleans could look like. This is arriving the night/day before day 1 and leaving the next morning after day 3.

Day 1 - Golf early at Lakewood Golf Club, Lunch at the National WWII Museum with a tour, dinner, and Cajun Music at Mulates Restaraunt.

Day 2 - Golf at English Turn G&CC, Lunch and an afternoon riverboat cruise, Dinner, and drinks at the famous Acme Oyster House.

Day 3 - Golf at TPC Louisiana, Lunch, an afternoon swamp tour, a street car ride, and dinner at Superior Grill.

Of course, if all you want to do is play golf you can play 36-holes each day and only worry about where to eat before playing more golf the next day. Regardless of your destination, you can make an itinerary like the above happen. More often than not a booking service, your chosen hotel, and choice golf courses can help you make the most of your golf trip.

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