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Tifosi Golf Sunglasses Review

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

This was actually a hard purchase for me to make. I had been wearing Adidas Sunglasses to play golf since 2001. That all changed early this year when I ran them over with a golf cart. I highly recommend being at a complete stop when trying to wipe the sweat off the lenses of any sunglasses while playing golf.

I absolutely loved my Adidas Sunglasses, but they no longer produce them. Plus they were in the high-end range of around $200 a pair. Having to look at other brands and not wanting to pay a fortune I decided to search around. I saw many blog reviews about the top name brands that are super expensive, but I wanted both quality and a good price.

After weeks of searching with all the same results, I decided to look exclusively on Amazon. I searched for golf sunglasses under $50. The results came back with many different results, but two Brands stuck out to me that I heard of, Sundog and Tifosi. Plus some of the other brand names that I had never heard I just did not trust where they may be sold from.

I have previously owned a pair of Sundog Sunglasses for a short period of time. They were given to me, so I can’t say if they were worth the price at the time but they were decent enough. I only experienced two problems with them. The nose bridge was hard and uncomfortable and they kept wanting to slide off my head. That was years ago and perhaps only that pair, but it was that experience why I looked into buying a pair of Tifosi.

When I narrowed down my Amazon search to just Tifosi Golf Sunglasses and sold by Tifosi, I was pleasantly surprised to not only find a variety of styles, but also many color and lens options. The other great thing, I think the most expensive pair they had was around $80. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Still hesitant as I had never tried the Tifosi brand before, it was probably another week of looking and trying to decide to buy what style at what price. Then I finally settled in on a pair that was $25. Those were the Tifosi Intense Golf Sunglasses.

I have now been wearing them for about 7 months every time I play golf. So far they have been phenomenal. They have a very lightweight and comfortable frame that has some flexibility in them to in a way mold to your head shape. The nose bridge is also a comfortable rubber that is movable to find the right fit for your nose.

As far as the lenses they can hold up to some rough treatment. I have dropped the glasses on the cart path a few times when applying sunscreen trying to toss them on the cart but missing, and no scratches. I opted to buy a pair with the red lenses (as shown below) for two main reasons. Reason one; I wear contacts and 95% of the time I play I need to have sunglasses on to protect my eyes from drying out from any wind but need to see in all lighting conditions. These lighter tinted red lenses allow me to see in overcast, dark and rainy conditions as well as the brightest sunniest days. They have 100% UVA and UVB protection as well. Reason two; the lighter colored lenses help with golf. Studies have shown that amber, rose, light red, and brown tinted lenses are the best for golf. They help with depth perception as nothing is seen too dark or too light through them. Where these lens colors really come into play however is around the greens. They help you see more of the grain of the grass and undulation allowing for better reads on putts and shots from around the greens.

I would highly recommend Tifosi Sunglasses for anyone wanting great quality without the high sticker price. They even came with a nice drawstring carry pouch that doubles as a microfiber lens cleaner. These were well worth the purchase and at the price, I will most likely look at getting two more pairs so I have different styles to choose from when playing golf.

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