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Tin Cup Ball Marker Review

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

When I first saw these I was not sure if this was gimmicky or a good thing.

Of course I had to purchase them to find out for myself. Not only are they unique, but they are fun and a great conversation starter on the golf course.

First off they come in a nice carry bag that fits nicely in your golf bag. Each bag consist of one Stencil, a marker and a card for instructions. Depending on where you order from you get to choose what color marker you want with the stencil design you pick. I chose three; a Fleur di Lis, State of Lousiana, and a Clover with a Green, Blue and Black marker. There are many designs to choose from such as an American flag or even a dinosaur.

If you choose to buy from Amazon there are many different sellers that give you many options and some are cheaper than buying direct from the compnay Tin-Cup. I did both however to see if there was any difference. Ordering direct from Tin-Cup was hassle free, but they're website was a bit difficult to navigate to find the specific designs I wanted. However you can be assured that ordering direct from them every design comes with the marker. I did notice some of the sellers on Amazon had the marker seperate, but I was able to find the TIn-Cup seller page and many you choose the color marker same as buying direct from them.

These really have been fun to use as not only can you do any color or multiple colors in the stencil of your choice, but the stencil fits perfectly over the ball you can draw an alignment line on your ball as well. Truly multi-purpose.

I was not dissapointed in my choice to buy from Amazon as you can see in the image above. The clover came just as the other two did direct from Tin-Cup themselves.

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to add a little extra to their game. A huge plus is you can make sure your golf ball never gets confused with anyone elses. I will add that if you do play by the rules or competivtive to not put the same design with the same color on the same number golf ball. Mix them up. Given that I have three designs and most golf balls come in sleeves of three all numbered the same in each sleeve I used each design on each number. All my #1 golf balls have all three designs and I di that for every sleeve.

Check out these markers at Amazon or from Tin-Cup. Pricing is about the same but you get the same product.

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