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Using A Broom To Groove Your Golf Swing.

There is so much information out there and everyone has a secret to fix a slice or hit the ball further. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that will truly help your golf game.

Sometimes life gets in the way where we can not go play golf or go to a driving range. Perhaps you just don't have the time to go practice or like the last few weeks a hurricane comes through and everything is shut down for a while. When this happens and you want to work on your golf swing there are some things you can do and use a tool you should have at home, a broom. As long as it is not a push broom and regular indoor broom will do fine.

If you do not have a broom you could get a training aid like the Proactive Sports F4 Turbo Collapsible Swing Trainer at Worldwide Golf Shops (pictured below) but even buying a broom would be cheaper. The only advantage a training aid has is the length but a broom serves the same fucntion. Both create resistence for developing muscle memory and both can help you increase clubhead speed.

To use a broom you want to grab it like you would your golf club. Start swinging it slowly to get a feel for it. Work on the aspects of your golf swing you want to fix. For example if you wnat a better takeaway turning more with the shoulders make sure you focus on that. The weight of the broom will help you devolpe that move into muscle memory so you can repeat it on the golf course. Continue to move slowly with your golf swing getting a feel and letting your body feel the movement. As you start to feel it, you can increase the speed of the swing gradually until you get to the noraml speed of your golf swing.

Another thing this will help you with is balance. As you increase the speed of each swing repitition the weight of the broom can throw your balance off if you are over swinging. You could do this a few minutes each day or any time you feel like it. Check out the short video below to see how I did it while I was grilling some hamburgers.

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