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What Is The Audubon Golf Trail of Louisiana?

If you follow us on social media you may have seen 4 posts in January highlighting four of the Audubon Golf Trail (AGT) of Louisiana golf courses. We took viewers on a video tour of Atchafalaya at Idlewild Golf Course, Bayou Oaks at City Park - South Golf Course, Oak Knoll Country Club, and Santa Maria Golf Course. (videos at bottom) The feedback was amazing but we did receive some emails and calls from some who either did not know about or misunderstood what the AGT is.

"The Audubon Golf Trail includes 17 distinct courses, each offering a unique appeal.

Here in Louisiana, golf courses seem a natural part of the landscape ... and for good reason: The courses of Louisiana's Audubon Golf Trail — an innovative collection of top-notch courses, covering all areas of the state. Trail members have undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure a compilation of 17 first-class courses that will have you reaching for every club, as you maneuver the various holes on the trail.

Established in 2001, the Audubon Golf Trail includes courses designed by Arnold Palmer, David Toms, and Pete Dye that all provide a splendid sample of golf in Louisiana. Be sure to swing by!"

(above quoted from AGT website)

With 17 beautiful golf courses throughout the state, the AGT was designed to grow golf tourism for the state of Louisiana. The AGT also features some of the most unique golf courses in the state, like Koasati Pines Golf Club at Coushatta Casino Resort which opens with a 613 yard Par-5 hole that has two fairway options to play. Then there is The Golf Club at Audubon Park which you can take a streetcar to. Additionally, there are many different landscapes between all of the courses as you navigate around Louisiana.

Each course is independently owned and operated. Many golfers I have spoken with in the last month thought the state of Louisiana owned and operated all the golf courses that are part of the AGT. Although the AGT holds these golf courses to a high standard to maintain pristine conditions it solely comes down to how the golf course operates and why at times you may find different conditions and rates between AGT member courses. However, one thing you can be sure of is that every AGT member course does their best and you can almost guarantee they will always be in very playable condition. weather permitting. The AGT also features golf courses that have hosted state amateur events to current PGA Tour events like the Zurich Classic of New Orleans held annually at TPC of Louisiana.

Every Audubon Golf Trail of Louisiana golf course is also near another attraction or activity. You can always find something to do besides golf. From Casinos, Camping, Fishing, or Dancing Louisiana has it all.

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