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What Makes Louisiana Golf Good

Let's face it when people think of Louisiana golf is not at the top of the things people think about. Louisiana is the sportsman's paradise, however, golf has never been part of that conversation. Even Louisiana residents would rather go fishing or hunting over playing golf.

Louisiana may not be considered a golf destination yet but Louisiana has some unique things when it comes to golf. If you were to travel around the state and play golf you will find many different types of courses. Louisiana has flat golf courses built on swamp land, links-style golf courses in farmland, and tree-lined hilly golf courses in the forest. Louisiana has plenty of variety and it is not just the golf courses themselves. From state parks and casinos to city-owned properties there are plenty of options. Some of the best Louisiana has to offer can be found on Louisiana's Audubon Golf Trail.

One of the best things Louisiana has always offered is our food. Some golf courses across the state have some of the best restaurants right in their clubhouse. Even if they do not have a restaurant some good Louisiana cooking is not hard to find. The best part is this will change depending on where you play golf in Louisiana. From cajun to country cooking or BBQ and seafood there is a variety of food across the state.

What truly sets Louisiana apart however is the activities outside of golf. With other states that are considered golf destinations, it is pretty cookie-cutter on what to do outside of golf. Regardless of the state, your itinerary is almost the exact same. Play golf, find a chain restaurant to enjoy dinner, and watch a game. This is not to say other states don't have other things to do that are state specific like going to the beach in Florida when there are beaches in Tennessee. In other states, many of the things to do outside golf are exactly the same. At least here in Louisiana, you can go on a swamp tour, go fishing (fresh water, salt water, or offshore), go hunting, visit a casino, experience many festivals all year, or even visit a museum like the National WWII museum or the Bonnie and Clyde museum. This does not include things like Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and other big tourist attraction events.

Louisiana is steadily growing and becoming a destination that golfers consider. Will it ever become a golfing destination like Florida or Arizona? Probably not due to not having the number of golf courses both of those states have. However, Louisiana has quality golf across the state and many locations have hosted professional golf tournaments from PGA Tour events in New Orleans to Korn Ferry Tour events in Lake Charles as well as many other professional events in other parts of the state.

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