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White vs Yellow Golf Balls

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

For a few weeks now I have switched back and forth between a white and a yellow golf ball. This was not about performance since I did not have the exact same golf ball so it is only about the color and if one is visually better than the other. The golf balls used were my regular Bridgestone BXS in white and the Bridgestone RXS for the yellow. Although the BXS is available in yellow I did this on purpose as I wanted a lower compression golf ball to try for colder conditions. I will do a post about that next week.

At first, putting a yellow golf ball in play was both cool and awkward. It was cool to change and the vibrant yellow looked great on the green grass. However, it takes the eyes some adjusting to have it in play, especially when putting on the greens. This doesn't take long it's just an awkward feeling trying something new and different.

If you get past the differences of color the balls play the same. Outside of the color difference, the RXS is made for swing speeds under 105mph, and the BXS is designed for over 105mph swing speeds. They are both made of the same materials so there is no difference in feel either.

There were only two minor issues I had with the yellow golf ball. One is that the way I mark my golf ball the markings do not stay on the ball as long and are harder to see don't the yellow color. I tried a black, blue, and green marker and all of them either rubbed off after a few hits or were barely noticeable, to begin with. Secondly, the yellow golf ball, as vibrant as the color is, I found it harder to find under trees as it blended in more with the ground and leaves, especially as the grass on most golf courses is beginning to yellow. I found the white golf ball easier to find in these conditions. When in the rough however the yellow golf ball was easier to see than the white.

After you strike the golf ball as it flies in the air I did notice a huge difference depending on the color of the sky. The clearer the sky the easier it was to see the yellow golf ball. In overcast conditions or mostly cloudy the white golf ball was easier to see. You can tell in the short video below. One shot was from 105 yards and the other 115 yards. With nearly equal distances you can see the white ball land but the yellow ball is harder to see. Both shots landed within 3ft of the flagstick.

It may depend on each person's eyes as to what they see better or I may have been playing a white golf ball so long I just never got used to looking at or for a yellow ball. I will say it was nice not being able to tell the difference from my playing partner's golf balls without having to go look for personal markings. Give a yellow ball a try and see what you think. Like with clubs and other things golf-related we all have a personal preference. Whatever your decision I highly recommend a Bridgestone Golf Ball for performance.

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