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Why Golfers Need To Stop Being Spoiled

For many golfers, the term spoiled does not come to mind. However, when it comes to golf course conditions we as golfers can get spoiled and only want to play those golf courses that are in great condition.

This is something all golfers as a whole around the country or maybe even the world need to stop doing. We need to show support and play those golf courses that are not in perfect condition. The more we do so the more we help them improve their golf course. Sometimes we just need to think more of their overall bottom line and not just the conditions we play on. Also, some of these golf courses have the nicest staff you could ever meet.

Recently I did a review at Covington Country Club and I was honest about the conditions not being that great. This is a perfect example of a club needing our support and why we need to stop being spoiled. Every golf course will not be as good as TPC Louisiana. That does not mean they are not worth playing. Yes, there are other golf courses that can maintain their golf course just as well but all of them can't do so without our support.

If you were to look at every golf course we have in our directory, which all are about a 1hr drive from downtown New Orleans, there are only about 5 or 6 that are in that upper tier of top-quality conditions. While other golf courses may not have those top-tier conditions that does not mean those golf courses are unplayable. Those are the golf courses we actually should be playing more often so they can improve the quality of their golf course.

There are only two reasons to not play a golf course in my opinion.

There are some golf courses I have played where they think bigger than they are. I have seen this in many different cities too. The conditions may be very good but they think they can charge the same as a tour-quality golf course when the layout is mediocre at best and nowhere near tour quality. At least from an aesthetics and challenge standpoint. If you can play a golf course that host a professional tour for the same price as one that doesn't and they are only about 15 miles away from each other you play the one that hosts a professional tour.

Reson two is a very rude staff. This will deter more golfers away from some of the best golf courses in the world. These are the golf courses that act as if they are doing you a favor by letting you play. For example, I have been privileged to play on some exclusive and well-known golf courses like TPC Sawgrass host of the Players Championship, Bay Hill hosts of the Bay Hill Invitational, The Country Club of Jackson host of the Sanderson Farms, and The Ritz Carlton at Grande Lakes host of the annual Father Son Challenge. I have no desire to ever return to Sawgrass as they are close to the rudest treatment I have ever gotten. Bay Hill is very welcoming and will go out of their way to make you feel that way. The Ritz Carlton lays out the red carpet treatment and The Country Club of Jackson treats you the same as one of their members. I will add some of the best treatment I have ever gotten at a golf course has been at those golf courses that have no name, no notoriety, and no fancy clubhouse.

When it comes to how the staff treats you that alone is a reason to play a golf course regardless of how good or bad the golf course conditions may be. These are the type of golf courses that need our support more than others. If we stop being spoiled to perfectly conditioned golf courses we can help those other courses get better and more consistent conditions. An added benefit is the more you play not-so-perfect conditions there is a good chance your game will improve when you do go play a course that is in perfect condition.

Let's spread the love of golf at all golf courses we have a chance to play at.

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