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Why Playing a Consistent Golf Ball Matters

This is not about the golf ball itself being consistent but about how playing the same golf ball consistently matters. This is something many amateurs do not consider but a question that is brought up to me a few times a year. Especially when there is a professional team event being televised. Whether it is the Presidents Cup, being played this week, or the annual Zurich Classic of New Orleans I get asked questions about how much a different golf ball affects the professionals.

During these team events, there is always a day or two when the professionals will play foursomes (alternate shot) and they have to play one golf ball. For the professionals that play the same golf ball, they do not have to worry. However, there are others that will have to play a golf ball they do not normally play on tour. If one professional plays a Titleist ProV1x and their partner plays a Bridgestone Tour BXS one of those players will have to play a ball they are not used to.

Let's take the example of the Bridgestone and Titleist golf balls I just mentioned. The Titleist ProV1x is designed for more distance and the Bridgestone Tour BXS is designed for more spin. Although professional golfers will not see much of a difference off the tee they may see a big difference in other areas of their game. The difference of spin each golf ball creates could mean a 5-10 yard difference on their shots. The more a ball spins the higher the trajectory and that means it will carry a shorter distance. This is especially a big deal in the short game and putting. Each golf ball will feel different as well. This is why professionals will practice with their partner's golf ball before a team event like this week's President's Cup.

Most amateur golfers do not have to worry about a team competition where they have to play a single golf ball. However, playing a consistent golf ball is just as important to them. Many times I have seen golfers not play a consistent golf ball. This hurts their game in many ways. Every golf ball is different in many ways and comes in different price points. Golf balls are even made for golfers with different swing speeds. Although more golfers would benefit from a golf ball with a tour-quality cover, not every golfer will benefit from a premium tour-caliber golf ball. That is where golf balls like a TaylorMade Tour Response or Bridgestone Tour B RXS come in very handy. They have the tour quality cover without having to swing like a tour pro. On the other hand, higher handicap golfers may not see a benefit from any tour type of golf ball and need something that helps them hit the ball straighter. Golf balls like the Bridgestone E6 are great for them.

The three biggest reasons to stay with the same golf ball are distance control, consistent spin, and consistent feel. Choose a golf ball that is right for your game. However, regardless of what golf ball you choose you should stick with and play that golf ball consistently for your best chances of scoring to the best of your ability. Distance control means you know how far it will go. Consistent spin means you know how it will react once it hits the green. Consistent feel means you know how it feels when you hit it and putt with it. Switching between different golf balls you will find a lot of inconsistencies in their game. You could hit a PW 120 yards with one golf ball then hit it 130 yards with a different golf ball two holes later.

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