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2020 Christmas Golf Gift Ideas

With November here and Black Friday around the corner, we thought it would be time to go over some gift ideas for this coming Christmas. Over the next few weeks, we will list as many gift ideas as we can to cover all golfer skill levels, as well as gifts for juniors, men, and women.

The one gift we highly recommend staying away from is golf balls. Unless you know the golfer you are gifting golf balls to very well and know a particular brand sometimes this can be a wasted gift. Many golfers are very particular about the golf ball they play and if you get them something different, even though they will still be grateful, it is most likely to be given away or put aside and forgotten about.

Top Gifts for any Golfer (regardless of age, gender, or skill level):

Tees - Every Golfer needs tees and these are the most used and bought product by any golfer. We suggest sticking to traditional wooden tees or the plastic tees that look like traditional tees. Stay away from gimmicky tees. Tees are also a great stocking stuffer. Our top picks here are based on quality.

Golf Towel: A good golf towel can last a long time and all golfers should have one on their bag and a backup towel stowed in their bag. A towel is used for cleaning dirt off clubs or cleaning the golf ball. A microfiber towel is the best way to go. Some towels come in a set with one large towel and one small towel sized specifically to carry on the green to clean a golf ball to remove debris for putting.

Golf Umbrella: With golf being an outdoor sport it is inevitable a golfer will get caught in the elements at one point or another. An umbrella is one of those items all golfers should have attached to their bags. They are kind of like health insurance, you want to have it and hope you don't need it. Golf umbrellas are made out of graphite now instead of metal as to not attract lightning and most now are made of highly wind-resistant material. some, although more expensive at times are made as a dual canopy so they will not be caught by the wind.

Rangefinder: Although there are now apps on phones and other distance measuring devices available nowadays nothing beats an accurate rangefinder. Simple to use works in any weather conditions and easily stores in a golf bag. Unlike using a phone that uses up battery life or other devices that take charging most rangefinders take a single to 9-volt battery. This is a more expensive gift, but that is also what makes it a great gift. Most golfers want one, but spend money on other golf products first. Golf rangefinders range in price from under $100 to over $500 depending on the model and features. Here are our top 3 picks based on bang for your buck.

Gift Cards: Always a great gift for almost any occasion. Although not as thoughtful or personable as a gift it is a practical gift and will allow your golfer to get the specific things they want and need. An Amazon Gift Card can be a good purchase as there are a variety of golf products available, but we recommend golf with golf-specific shops such as a World Wide Golf Shops Gift Card or a golf retailer such as a TaylorMade Golf Gift Card. Of course, any sporting goods store that sells golf products is a good choice as well.


Keep an eye out for more posts to come as we cover gift ideas specifically for the beginning golfer, juniors, women, and men.

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