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5 Christmas Gift Ideas

Golfers are a picky bunch and that makes getting a gift for them difficult at times. Many of us have a particular golf ball brand we love so you can't just buy any golf ball. Gloves are the same and there is a particular fit we like. That's not to mention the superstitions we golfers have. Unless you know the golfer you are getting a gift for very well and know what brands they play and what they prefer it is best to stay away from certain golf items.

Today you are in luck as we are here to tell you what some of the most sought-after products of 2021 that just about any golfer would love as a gift. Outside of these, you can't go wrong with a Gift Card or Golf Apparel. So here are 5 gift ideas for the golfer in your life. Also, these are in no particular order of popularity.


Desert Fox Phone Caddy - Golfers are always having issues with where to put their phones in a golf cart. Especially those of us that use our phones for GPS or scoring apps. We want it readily accessible and not have to dig through the cart pocket to find it.


Range Finders - Even with technology on smartphones now golfers still want the most reliable way to get yardages on a golf course. A range finder does just that. There are many different range finders to choose from and your choice will mainly come down to price and style. Some will calculate slope/elevation, some have magnets, and some come with hard cases. No matter which one you chose as a gift the golfer will appreciate it and it will be a much-used gift.


Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker - Many golfers like to have music with them when playing. This was a top-rated product last year and is currently the #1 speaker for golf. It not only plays music but also has a GPS setting for distances, a long battery life, and a built on magnet making it easy to attach to a golf cart. Bushnell is a leader in golf electronics and this is probably the best quality speaker on the market.


Retractable Cleaning Brush - Every golfer needs to clean their clubs while on the course. Some golfers will buy a cleaning brush twice a year, maybe more. This brush is a perfect gift as it can attach to a golfers bag and the retractable cord makes it easy to use. What sets this apart is the groove cleaner that is very handy and many other cleaners do not have. Many other cleaners only have a soft bristle brush on one side with the wire brush on the other. The soft bristle brush comes in handy for cleaning golf shoes however most golfers will clean those at home with an old toothbrush or just a rag. When it comes to keeping the clubs clean, especially while playing golfers want something practical and durable.


Sklz Putting Mat - When golfers get bored at home they think about ways they can improve their game. Some golfers invest money into a backyard putting green, others a hitting net, but not every golfer has the space in their yard for those. What they do have space for is a putting matt that can be moved and put away when not in use. The Sklz Accelerator Pro Putting Mat makes a perfect gift. Sklz makes some of the best practice and training aids in golf as well as other sports. This gift will allow your golfer to not only have something golf-related to do at home during their downtimes but they can also improve their putting.

We hope this helps you shop for the golfer in your life. Rember as we mentioned earlier, if you are unsure of any of these gifts, a GIFT CARD or GOLF APPAREL is always a good option.

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