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2021 Cancer Crusaders Golf Tournament

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

We got involved and sponsored a team for this year's Cancer Crusaders Golf Tournament for a bit of fun and for an amazing cause. The tournament, which is every April except for last year being held in November, is just one of the ways Cancer Crusaders raises money for Cancer research that is carried out right here in New Orleans.

The committee for this tournament is completely run by volunteers and they did a great job putting this together. This year the tournament hosted 34 groups with well over 30 sponsors and included delicious food and drinks of all kinds just about everywhere you turned. Additionally, there were raffles, giveaways, Hole-In-One Contest, and more. To add to the excitement of the event there was a beat the Pro on a Par-3 and a Long Drive Pro on a Par-5 with various donation scenarios for each with eligible prizes.

It was perfect weather for a day of golf. The golf course was in good shape as well. We do not know the exact numbers, however from everything we witnessed we would guess the Cancer Crusaders Golf Tournament raised between $5 - $10 Thousand Dollars yesterday. That is a good day and that money goes to a very worthwhile cause.

That only downside of the day came from Bayou Oaks and had nothing to do with Cancer Crusaders, their volunteers, or sponsors. The golf course was in pretty good shape but they made the tournament play cart path only. The golf course was very dry with the exception of some areas and honestly could have been a true 90º rule using caution. Having played the previous Monday there the golf course was wetter than this week and last week there were not cart restrictions. To make matters a bit worse, from a 12:10 PM shotgun start, they sent a message to all the carts that the tournament participants had to be back in by 5:15 PM. Even without the cart restrictions, you are supposed to allot a 5-hour and 30-minute time frame for a full field charity scramble. Once you add the cart restriction you give it a full 6-hours. We heard they booked tee-times for after the event, which should never happen because you are upsetting a customer one way or another. Better to not upset the large group that just spent way more than one green fee would be. Whatever the reasons were it was uncalled for to not give the tournament enough time under the cart restrictions that should not have been in place.

It is our hope that the mistake the golf course made does not upset any players from coming back to next year's event. The committee and volunteers do a spectacular job and deserve a golf clap for their tremendous efforts. We for one plan to play in it next year and may even do one of our random drawings for a foursome in the event.

Be sure and check out the Cancer Crusaders Website for all that they do year-round or to learn how you can also donate to their cause. Visit:


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