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Beginner and Junior Golf Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020

Today we cover the best gift ideas for beginner and junior golfers. With many golf products on the market and for so many different levels of golfers there are some things more practical for a beginner or junior.

The first thing we would recommend as a gift are lessons. For those just starting out, this is the perfect gift and it will ensure your golfer starts off properly which will lead to more enjoyment of the game. Beginners often do not know where to start or sometimes take bad advice from friends and they get frustrated. This can happen with junior golfers as well. Getting a lesson or series of lessons is also a nice way to ease into the game and learn the rules and etiquette. You can go to just about any golf course and have a lesson, but here we recommend these three places that are very reputable for beginners and juniors.

Rob Noel Golf Academy - Located at Money Hill Golf and Country Club in Abita Springs. Rob is a top Golf Magazine 100 Teachers in America and is great with beginners and juniors. The golf academy has some of the top technology that goes along with lessons and may be the only place within an hour of New Orleans that has Aimpoint, technology specific to putting and reading greens.

Brian Manzella Golf Academy - Located at English Turn Golf and Country Club in New Orleans. Brian is listed as the #1 instructor in Louisiana and a top 50 by Golf Digest. He is also a top 100 Teachers in America by Golf Magazine. Brian works great with beginners giving them a solid base to start with and even does internet lessons.

Jimmy Headrick Golf - Jimmy exclusively works with juniors and is partnered with U.S. Kids Golf. If your junior golfer is new to the game or looking to be competitive as a golfer this is where he/she belongs. Jimmy's instruction with the U.S. Kids Golf Tournaments and events is a perfect fit for all juniors.

The other great gift you can not go wrong with for a beginner or junior is golf apparel. Most golf courses have a dress code and your golfer will need to look the part for their lessons. Also, golf apparel is a way for golfers to express their personalities on a golf course. Be it bright, bold, loud, colors, or dark muted colors every golfer has a style that makes them comfortable. Comfort and confidence of clothes can make a difference in how a golfer plays.

There are differences for boys and girls in what is acceptable golf attire at different golf courses, but it is pretty standard almost anywhere you go. For example, girls are allowed sleeveless collared shirts and skirts while boys have to have sleeves, and in most places, cargo pants/shorts are not allowed. We will list some of the most popular golf apparel for all.

For junior girls and women, the styles may be a bit different, but the looks are very similar. A search for Girls Golf Clothing on Amazon has a good selection for girls while for women we recommend checking out Golf Apparel Shop Women's Golf Apparel for some of the best pricing on golf apparel around.

Boys and Men's golf apparel is actually almost the exact same but in a different size. This makes it slightly easier to find something for boys, but some companies will make specific designs for boys then you will find for men. If you search Boys Golf Clothing on Amazon you actually get some results for men that's how similar it all is. If your boy golfer is growing fast you can just look in Men's Golf Apparel and find a smaller size most of the time.

Lastly, a great gift for a beginner or junior golfer is accessories. This could be a small thing like a divot tool or something bigger like a new walking TaylorMade golf bag. Every golfer needs accessories so this is a gift that is both practical and thoughtful that your golfer will get plenty of use from. Depending on how much you are willing to spend a golf training aid could be a good way to go. Or just keep it simple with a golf towel and some tees.

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