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Golf Course Review: The Golf Club At Audubon Park.

It felt good to finally get back out and be able to play golf after so many days of rain. It has been since March of 2021 since I got a chance to review The Golf Club at Audubon Park. Yesterday was a perfect day to check out the course although it was a bit warm and humid.

The Golf Club at Audubon Park has struggled since Hurricane Ida last year. Having played here a few times in the past year I have seen the course struggle. A few times there were no tee markers on some of the holes. Their main challenge has been due to a lack of staff. I am not sure if this is because they are not hiring or they just can not find anyone. The lack of staff is even in the snack stand and beverage cart. However, that is something I do know they are hiring for but have yet to be able to find anyone.

Even with a smaller staff when you enter the golf shop they are super friendly and helpful. They will get you anything you may need from the snack bar if it is not open and check you out in the golf shop. I doubt this needs to be done on the weekends.

The one thing that is always a challenge playing Audubon is no driving range to warm up. That's where my GolfFOREVER training aid comes in handy though. While stretching near the first tee and the practice putting green the course looks great. The practice green was not fast but it was rolling very well. This was a good sign given all the weather we have had recently. Stepping over to the first tee I was also pleasantly surprised to see it dry. This was not the case for the entire golf course, however.

The fairways and rough were very wet. Wet enough that the fairways and rough could not be cut down. The fairways have been cut just not as low as they normally would be. the rough on the other hand had more moisture and was unable to be cut at all. Some of the areas of the rough were a good 4 or 5 inches deep. You did have to watch where you walked to avoid muddy areas but most of those areas were not in play around the greens. Most of the wettest areas were in the rough off of the few fairways the golf course has or around the bunkers that were holding water.

The greens were soft but the ball would still bounce. You just had to pay attention to where your ball landed and fix the pitch mark it left. Which while on the subject I must mention to all golfers that play Audubon... Please fix your ball marks. There were 5 - 10 ball marks on every green that were not fixed in any type of way. With that out of the way the greens on the golf course were rolling just as good as the practice green. Some of the greens were bumpy in spots but I think that may be foot traffic as most of those areas were where golfers would walk from the hole back to their golf cart.

The Golf Club at Audubon Park has always had a special place in my heart. It is great to see how much things have been improving over the past year. They are doing a good job even with their hiring struggles. I hope in the weeks and months to come they continue moving forward on this positive track and look forward to seeing the course get back to what it was prior to Hurricane Ida. Check out the review video below.

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