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How You Can Improve Your Golf Game During A Charity Scramble

We all know a charity scramble is only for one reason, that is to raise money for a good cause. Unless you stack a team and have a good pencil you are not there to try and win. We all only want to have fun with some friends while we donate to help that charity raise money.

Charity scrambles leave a unique opportunity to improve your game during the event. I know that sounds weird but there are actual ways to improve at golf during this time. Here are just 3 of the ways you can do it.

Trying New Shots - There are many opportunities during a scramble to try shots you wouldn't during a typical round of golf. For example, if your team is 100 yards from the green and a partner has already hit one on the green giving the team a putt instead of taking out your 100-yard club you can try a 120-yard club and try to fly it shorter and let it roll up on the green. Or try a bump and run with a 5-iron. The point of this is to expand the type of shots you can play when you are alone. Even from 150-yards if you'd normally hit an 8-iron try and take some off a 7-iron. The more you can try this the better you get at controlling distance with multiple clubs.

Reading Greens - A charity scramble is an excellent time to improve your green reading. You may read the green one way but your playing partner may see it another way. Discuss this with them and ask what they say. Once all players have putt you can also see who was right about a certain break and learn how they read putts better. You can also take more time looking at a single putt from different directions and study the slopes more. As you read putts with team members and see the same putt rolled 4 times, you can learn more about what you see vs how the ball actually rolls. This gives you great feedback.

Gain Power/Swing Speed - Although this is partially not recommended in a scramble you have the opportunity to try and hit the ball harder and further. This is especially relevant to the driver. Only do this if your team has a ball in the fairway and you want to try and hit one further than them. You can try and raise your swing speed at this time. This is not a hit as hard as you can. Work on getting more lag and speed through impact. Many times the harder we try we actually lose speed. When you have a chance to do this you are training your body to swing faster which will help in later rounds. When you go to play a round of golf by yourself you will possibly be swinging faster without trying. Swing speed is essential in hitting it longer. Disclaimer: Only try this if you are physically capable. To prevent injury I recommend you try something like the GolfFOREVER Training Aid or see a professional trainer such as Guidry Golf and Sport first to increase club speed.

There are other things you can do like test out a partner's golf ball and see if you like the feel. A different golf ball could help your game. This also applies to clubs. Of course, your playing partner would have to allow it but try one or more of their clubs. They may have a set that can give you more distance etc...

The first thing you want to always do during a charity scramble is to donate and have fun. Use the tips above only if you want to try and play better golf. Many golfers during a charity scramble just want to drink and have a good time with friends. As long as you are having fun you are improving your golf game simply by having the right mindset.

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