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Product Review: Greg Norman Collection Lab 1/4 Zip Hoodie

I have always liked the Greg Norman Collection brand of clothing. Everything I have ever tried from golf polos to t-shirts bought at Sam Club has been very comfortable and durable. The materials used for the golf polos I have always found to be soft and breathable. A combination that is great, especially during the summers in New Orleans.

During the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, FL I was there to network and find a potential apparel sponsor for Golf Nola. Naturally, as one of the bigger named brands there, I went and checked out the Greg Norman Collection. They have some new styles of golf polo shorts, pullovers, and even some new performance pants that look very comfortable.

When it was decided I was playing golf that Saturday morning knowing it was going to be cold and I needed something warmer than the very light pullover I had. The PGA Show was winding down on Friday and after doing business I was on a search to try and purchase a pullover from an apparel company. I went to three other companies first knowing their retail prices are cheaper but only one company had pullovers and they were not selling. This is when I went back to the GN Collection booth to ask if they would let me buy a pullover. I was greeted by some of the nicest people I had met all week. I was told they were not selling any but instead was asked my size and was given one. The Lab 1/4 Zip Hoodie in Blue Heather. I could not be more thankful.

Saturday morning turned out to be colder than expected. I think it was around 48°F when I left the hotel for golf at 6:30 in the morning and only about 52°F when we teed off. Even though I had on a light thermal compression base layer, a day like that I would normally still be cold. The pullover I brought with me is very light and allows the wind to cut through it. It would not have kept me warm at all.

The GN Collection Lab 1/4 Zip Hoodie was more than I expected. Not only was it warm enough it was very lightweight and there is a hand-warming pocket on the front. I think the actual term is a Kangaroo pocket. Which is so much better than having your hands in your pants pockets to keep them warm. The pocket is also not bulky so when your hands are not using it, it stays out of the way. I was also impressed with how warm the hood was. For something so lightweight it didn't feel like it and it kept the chill off my ears.

This was actually the very first time I ever wore a hoodie on the golf course. I was concerned about the performance of the hood interrupting my swing. It didn't all. It stayed put hanging on the back and even though it would move at the end of my swing it always fell back into place. That made it easy to pull up or down when needed without having to untwist it. An issue I have had with sweatshirt hoodies after just bending down to pick up something. Actually, the entire pullover performs well during the golf swing (video below). There is no restriction and it moves with your body allowing you to swing like you would in a short sleeve golf shirt.

I was very impressed overall with how this pullover performed and felt while playing golf. Not once did I feel like I had too many clothes on and even when the temperatures got warmer I didn't feel I was starting to get too hot. I would definitely recommend the GN Collection Lab1/4 Zip Pullover for all golfers. Even at the retail price of $79, I think it is worth that price and I would have paid that if the people were not so nice to me. I may have to get another in one in either Navy, White, or Black.

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