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Product Review: Precision Pro Golf NX10 Rangefinder.

I have been using a Precision Pro Golf Rangefinder for a few years. It has been the best rangefinder I have ever used for golf. Not just because it is accurate and easy to use but because you never have to buy a replacement battery for it. Precision Pro includes lifetime batteries for all of their products. If the battery dies contact them for a replacement. In April 2022 you may have seen a blog post for another of their products titled - Product Review: Precision Pro NX2 Non-Slope Golf Rangefinder.

While at the 2023 PGA Show, the last week of January, I was pleased to see Precision Pro was there. It was amazing to meet the team behind the company and they were awesome. Very nice and very passionate about their product. What really caught my attention was their display. The simple yet elegant display shows they care more about their product than their competitors. Other companies with similar products had flashy lights, TV's, and music. They cared more about the hype than putting their money back into making a quality product. Many of these are more expensive, are less accurate, and you still have to buy batteries for them.

The guys from Precision Pro were nice enough to give me an upgrade to the NX10 Non-Slope Rangefinder, which I greatly appreciate. The NX10 is slightly bigger than the NX2 I last had but not by much. It comes with a carry case that has a clip on it, as well as a band that, wraps around the case so you can keep it securely closed even when it is unzipped. The non-slope is also cheaper than the slope version at $229.00

Where it differs hugely is the vibration when it locks onto your target and the optics have a double circle letting you know you've hit the pin. The NX10 also had a built-in magnet that allows for easy use by having it magnetically attach to the post on the golf cart. However, as cool as those new features are the coolest thing is the new customization option with 38 different interchangeable skins to fit your rangefinder. I personally went with the American Flag one. (pictured below)

All in all, I find the NX10 Rangefinder to be awesome. Very accurate, durable, lightweight, clear optics, easy-to-read display, and easy one-button operation. Precision Pro is a great company with great products. I would recommend any product they have, even ones I have never tried, like the new Ace Smart Golf Speaker. Check out the video below to see the NX10 in action and how the interchangeable skin works.

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