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Product Review: Precision Pro NX2 Non-Slope Golf Rangefinder

After losing my rangefinder about a month ago I finally broke down and purchased a new one. After searching and seeing all the ones that are out there I just couldn't justify spending $250 or more for a rangefinder. Yes, some have cool features like a built-in magnet but those are things I didn't need. So I found the Precision Pro NX2 Non-Slope Golf Rangefinder at the great price of $149.99.

Besides the great price, there are other factors that drew me to this rangefinder. I wanted one that was legal for tournament play without having to worry about a button to turn the slope on or off. If the slope is not included I never have to worry about it conforming to the rules. Additionally, it just needed to be simple. No need for an 8x zoom, fancy LED, or a need for a magnet.

The Precision Pro NX2 Non-Slope Golf Rangefinder turns out the be the perfect balance of simplicity to get the job done, while also being of high quality and great price. It comes with a carry case that has a zipper and a bungee strap, as well as a carabiner clip so you can easily attach it to your golf bag. . The strap allows you to close the case while playing golf without having to constantly open and close the zipper. There is also a user manual and a cleaning cloth. The other best part the Precision Pro does as a company is you can register your rangefinder and get Free battery replacement(s). According to the user manual when your battery gets low just contact the company and request a new battery and they will ship you one.

Using it for one round of golf was all I needed to reassure myself of a great purchase. The rangefinder is lightweight, fits perfectly in your hand, and the rubber grip ensures that you can hold it steady when shooting your yardages. The optics through the lens are clear and the numbers are easy to read. You can adjust the lens for clarity to see your target better depending on the distance.

If you are in the market for a rangefinder and, like me, do not want to pay more than $200 for one then I highly recommend the Precision Pro NX2 Non-Slope Golf Rangefinder. You will not be disappointed.


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