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Product Review: SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net

Anyone that knows me or that I've given a lesson to, knows I am a big believer of practicing short game more than anything. You score from 100 yards and in and a vast majority of golf shots take place within 10 yards of the green. I love to work on my short game when I'm home so I went ahead and bought the SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net for better practicing.

I wanted this chipping net for two main reasons. The ability to travel anywhere with it easily and the three targets of different sizes. Being able to roll the net up and take it anywhere makes practice very convenient. The three target holes make practice more focused. Work on the larger hole and as you improve go for the smaller target hole. That also gives you the ability to practice with purpose.

Giving the SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net a test I also found two other things I love about it. Many older chipping nets if you hit them high they would tip over or you had to stake them into the ground. Many were also made out of metal that would rust over time. This chipping net holds up to harder hit shots high of the target and does not tip and does not need any stakes to hold it in the ground. The angle of the design is what gives it this ability. Also, all the rods involved are made of high-quality plastic so there are no components that can rust. Only time will tell if the plastic will get brittle over time but with how it breaks down into a carry case and can be stored in your golf bag or a closet there is no need to keep it outdoors in the elements.

If you want a quality product to practice your short game at home I highly recommend getting this SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net. Practice anywhere and practice with purpose and you should see improvement in your short game. Practice with more than just your wedges and chip a 7 or 8-iron into the net and practice carry distance with different clubs to chip in different situations when out on the golf course.


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