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Review: Joseph Bartholomew Municipal Golf Course.

It had been since early 2019 that I had played Joseph Bartholomew Municipal Golf Course. I had been hearing some good things about it and decided I should get out there next chance I got to give them a proper review. I found a green fee online for around $40 on Sunday, August 8th. Given the rate was under $50 I was not expecting what I experienced.

First, let me start with the golf shop. Having recently gotten back from a family trip in Florida I was not aware that New Orleans had reinstated a mask mandate. I walked in without a mask on. The person in the shop politely asked me if I had a mask and when I said I did not he gave me one. He was very professional about the whole thing. Something I did not experience last year at golf courses when I had forgotten about it. I even apologized again for not seeing the sign on the door when I went back in for a drink. Unfortunately, the grill area was closed. However, the beverage cart was right by the clubhouse and I was able to get water to start my round.

Speaking of the beverage cart service, she was very friendly. A great personality and understood how hot it was. Before we could ask for anything on the golf course she would apologize and say what she was sold out of. She even went beyond and got one of the guys I was playing with clean ice for his drink for the next time she came around, which was 3 times for 9-holes.

The golf course itself was in good shape. The greens were fantastic. Not only were they smooth but they were fast and firm. I also had forgotten how much slope they had in them, making for so interesting pin locations for the day. There were some greens that had some blemishes on them but they were small and off around the edges. Even those areas were not much of a playability concern either. To put it in a better perspective the greens were better than some $70 golf course I have played recently and up there with some of the higher-end courses in the area.

The tee boxes for the most part were in good shape as well. Some minor slopes or uneven stances but not too horrible. The grass was slightly on the long side that made teeing up a driver a bit low but it made the par-three holes nice as you could tee the ball up on the grass itself and not have to use a tee if you didn't want to. I know this may be due to the warmer weather as to not have the tee boxes burn out and it was very minor and did not take away from the playability at all.

The fairways were not super tight lies but they too were in great shape. The ball would still bounce and roll and you got some pretty decent lies for your approach shots. They were not tight enough to get a good amount of spin needed for the firmness of the greens but as with the tee boxes, it did not take away from any playability.

The only major issue I had the entire day came from a maintenance staff or some other staff member. Right before we got rained out on the tenth green a staff member came zooming by in a cart hoping over the cart path and tree roots that caused his cart to make all sorts of noise. Not once did he acknowledge us putting out on the green. Not a minute later he passed back by going the other direction again without a care that we were there with one of my playing partners mid-stroke. The very next hole he came by again crossing right in front of the tee box as we were hitting. Once while the first player just teed off and then again as the third player was standing over his ball about to swing. Four times in a short period of time and not once did this staff member attempt to stop for us or seem to have a care for us playing golf or being paying customers. To me, this is unacceptable behavior from a staff member on the golf course. Not just for the golfer's enjoyment but also for his safety as he could get hit by a golf ball driving in front of golfers teeing off without looking.

Joseph Bartholomew Municipal Golf Course also has a proud history in New Orleans. Check out their about page to learn more.

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