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Christmas Gift Ideas For The Low Handicap Golfer

Even though all golfers can be hard to find the right gift for the low handicap (6 to scratch) golfer is the hardest. With a strong game, they are most likely set on a certain golf ball, particular about what brands they have in their bag, and even pickier about what accessories they carry with them.

The low handicap golfer can be view as superstitious as they will most likely not only carry only certain products but may also go as far as to what can be in a particular pocket when playing. I myself fall into this category and have even been referred to as mental. Only my glove can be in my back left pocket. Only tees, one ball marker and one divot tool in my front right pocket, and only chapstick in my front left pocket. Anything more than that feels strange and out of place.

The best gifts you can find for a low handicap golfer are practice aids that they can use at home to keep their game sharp. Do not confuse these with training aids geared to game improvement. The low handicap golfer will also be extremely picky about what they use to work on their game. Practice aids are just that, for practice.

Real quick there are two things to never give as a gift to a low handicap golfer unless you know them very well or they have specified otherwise. Those are golf balls and lessons. A low handicap golfer most likely has a particular ball they play and if you get the wrong brand it is a gift they most likely will not use. The same goes for lessons. Even though this golfer wants to improve their game, they may already be working with someone, have a particular part of their game they are working on by themselves, or they are satisfied with their swing and do not want to tinker with it.

Here are the top 4 gifts to get a low handicap golfer:

1. Rangefinder - Golfers of this level are more precise when it comes to distance. Although there are many great GPS devices and apps available, nothing beats a good rangefinder when it comes to knowing the exact distance to a flag or other target on the golf course. I highly recommend the Bushnell Tour V5 Patriot Pack. This is the best bang for your buck, comes with a carry case, has a built-in magnet (for attaching to a golf cart), and comes with a divot tool.

2. Putting Aid - Okay so technically this does fall under "training" but it is only about working on hitting the putt the proper speed and keeping the golfers putting stroke grooved. This is more of a putting practice aid than any kind of training aid. Called the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer, they really should consider a name change. Nonetheless, it is a great product to practice putting indoors on carpet or it is versatile enough to bring to the course and use on an actual green. Available in multiple colors as well as on Amazon.

3. Chipping Net - This is a great practice product for the back yard. There are many different chipping nets available and just about all will make for a good gift. I recommend the Sklz Quickster Chipping Net, one for the price at around $35 and the fact that it has three target pockets for a more focused practice session. It is named Quickster due to how quickly it can be set up and broken down for storage.

4. Hitting Net - There are many different hitting nets available and just about any of them are good for backyard setup and practice. Without being able to recommend a specific one this is what to look for. You want one that is a minimum of 8ft tall x 8ft wide. It is better if you find a 10ft height one, but it would depend on your budget as the size gets more expensive. The netting rating should be for a minimum ball speed of 175mph. If it is not a good golfer could punch a hole through it very easily or it will wear quickly. You also want to make sure the post is made of quality fiberglass or aluminum for longevity and resistance to rust. Lastly, a matt should be considered to go with the net. One it keeps your grass from getting torn up and replicates a fairway. The one thing I highly recommend is a large matt that the golfer can stand on while hitting balls. This keeps the golfer's feet and ball at the same height. Some come in an all-in-one set with the net and the matt.

Of course, if you are still stuck as to what to gift your golfer there is always an option to purchase a round of golf or a gift card from their favorite course. Or a gift card from their favorite golf manufacture like TaylorMade Golf. Another option is always some nice golf apparel. This is especially true when it comes to women's golf apparel.

Just in case you were curious each one of the products above I recommended is also on my Christmas wish list. I say that so you know I would not recommend something I would not want for myself.

I truly hope this helps you find the right gift for your golfer. Be sure and check out the Black Friday deals for golf from our affiliate partners as well.

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