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Product Review: Groove Repair Tool

Since I have owned my current wedges for 8 years and the faces show a severe wear pattern. Currently not being able to afford a new set of wedges I decided to try out a groove repair tool as a temporary solution. It may give me the results new wedges would get but if it gives me half of the spin back on my ball it will be an improvement.

I ordered the Proactive Sports Groove Doctor Repair Tool from Worldwide Gold Shops. This seemed to be the best one after doing some research. The tool is for three types of grooves, the U-groove, V-groove, and square grooves. I have two Bridgestone J40 Satin wedges with U-grooves and one TaylorMade R-Series Tour Grind EF-Spin Groove wedge with square grooves. Also, I believe my RP TP Irons have V-grooves so this tool should be able to help me sharpen all my clubs.

I went out to LaTour Golf Club yesterday to go test this new tool out. I ran into one problem that is not mentioned when you purchase. The tool needs an allen wrench to change the position of the head to put the groove sharpener you need in the correct spot. I was able to make it work and proceeded to hit four shots before sharpening and four shots after sharpening my grooves. (video below)

Due to not having an allen wrench to switch the head position, I got my 60º wedge sharpened as best as I could. Even though I did not sharpen my wedges as much as I wanted too I still noticed a difference. The second set of shots I hit the ball checked up much faster. I did hit two bad shots in that set but the ball still reacted better than before.

I would definitely recommend the Proactive Sports Groove Doctor Repair Tool. I would only say make sure you do not decide to open the package at the golf course like I did. Open it at home, make sure you rotate the head to the groove shape you need, and take your time sharpening each wedge. Something I plan to do now.

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