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Companies With Products For Golf That Deserve Our Business

To get started let me just say this is not only about the products these companies sell. This is actually more about the customer service and these companies treat people. Also, neither Golf Nola nor myself have any direct affiliation with these companies except one. This is from my personal experience of directly dealing with one or more people at these companies.

These experiences range from speaking with sales teams or customer service.

Desert Fox Golf is a company that has one product, a phone caddy. I recently reviewed (read here) their phone caddy and love it. Which, If you read the review or watch the video I mentioned it may be slightly overpriced. That is not the case after I rolled it over with a golf cart and it is still in perfect condition. I made a comment on their Instagram page and not only got a response quickly but I was also asked to direct message them about my comment. After a few messages, I was put in contact with a member of their sales team about their phone caddy for future events. Not only were the responses prompt but they are very friendly. Desert Fox Golf is also a company that takes pride in what they do. They are definitely a company worth purchasing from not just for their great phone caddy but for the fact that they care about the people that buy their product and they stand behind it.

Precision Pro golf makes range finders. I reviewed their NX2 Rangefinder (read here) back in April. Everything was great until the last week of May when I had a minor issue with the yardages jumping around. I contacted their customer service to ask about it and ask what I should do. I was directed on how to reset it but was told if that does not help they would have to get me a replacement. No questions asked, they were willing to just replace the product if the issue persisted. Even after the reset seemed to fix the issue they still wanted me to stay in touch and update them on the issue for the following week. This company was willing to make sure I was happy with their product no matter what it took. I also did not purchase it directly from them which makes this interaction stand out more. On a side note if you purchase a range finder from Precision Pro Golf they offer lifetime battery replacements.

A golf app for scoring and tracking stats The Grint is my favorite golf app. So many great things about the app that actually can help golfers improve and there is a social aspect that makes it fun. I get notified when friends tee off and at what course. There is a message section in the app so you can send them a message to congratulate a birdie or pick on them for making a bogey. However, what will always have me loyal to The Grint is their customer service. What started out as a small issue because my app did not update has grown into what I would consider a friendship. The initial conversations were short but not one time have I ever waited for more than 24hrs to get a response. Since the first time I ever contacted the Grint every single person I have ever spoken with has been super helpful and if they can not help immediately they work on it and get back quickly with a response. They are open to feedback and suggestions as well. Something many companies I have dealt with do not do. Anytime a company takes what their customers want into consideration and treat you like family you have to stick with them.

This is a company I am directly affiliated with. Besides having the best sunglasses for under $100 in my opinion it is more than their products as the reason I add them here. As part of their affiliate program, they do treat me as a member of the team and as a friend that they have known for a long time. I can not get into all detail but their willingness to help me best promote their products with a 15% off code (golf_nola), and their willingness to also let me help them are just a part of what makes Tifosi great. They take feedback, respond quickly, and keep an open one of communication at all times, even on some weekends. I was even recently told by a friend that purchased a pair of sunglasses that she had an issue with the order and contacted customer service. To her surprise not only did they respond within two hours but they resolved the issue and had the missing soft case sent within two days. That is good customer service if you ask me.

There are a number of companies I have dealt with in the golf industry and many do not have the qualities of the ones I mentioned above. These companies have quality products, care about their customers, and take customer service seriously.

There are companies I dealt with that have great products but because their customer service is horrible they could not pay me enough to ever use their product. One particular company had a very great product I was using and had a contract with. Due to certain ways, they treat people I got rid of their product and have not touched anything they make since. On the other hand, there are companies that treat you a certain way at one point you stay loyal even after their customer service has gone downhill. Like when your golf clubs get stolen out of your car 2 days before a PGA Tour Qualifier and that company does everything it can to get you a new set in time. However, now I try to avoid their company customer service if I can help it.

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